Our Story

Afrika Burn 2018 saw the meetings of minds and allegiances formed between ourselves and the suppliers of top quality THC from the states. The first few batches that made it through to SA literally blew the socks off the lucky few that knew how to get their hands on our products.

With a whopping 95 % plus , our  HoneyVape THC distillates stand far apart from any other cannabis products you’ll find anywhere.

We went from one strain – Sour pez – to  the collection that you can now find in our online shop. We have also since discovered the benefits  of Delta 8 THC, which , though in short supply, packs a punch.

A growing demand has resulted in us stocking

5D Vapes.

80+ % THC in a variety of popular  Strains.

Our customer services are what set us apart from the other shops that have started to spring up.

Feel free to use the whatsapp chat icons with any questions you have.


Profile :  sugary candy

Effects : euphoric, uplifting

Maui Wowie

Profile: tropical , pineapple

Effects: happy and uplifted

London Pound Cake

Profile: Berry Grape

Effect: head and body bliss

Super Cheese

Profile: berry , spicy , cheesy

Effects: blissful, pain relief and relaxation

Sour Diesel

Profile: pungent , peppery, citrus , herbal

Effect: stress relief , pain relief, depression relief

Alien Blue

Profile: Sweet berries

Effects: balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration

Strawberry Cough

Profile: Skunky , berry

Effects: cerebral , uplifting ,

stress relief

Green Crack

Profile: Skunk Citrus

Effects: energising uplifting

Durban Poison

Profile: Pine , spicy , sage

Effects: Energetic, uplifting


Gorilla Glue

Profile: Earthy apple

Effects: relaxed and sleepy

Grand Daddy Purple

Profile: berry grape

Effects: trippy relaxing body buzz

Jungle Cake

Profile: Peppery vanilla orange

Effect: talkative and energetic


Profile: cookies and diesel

Effect: Relaxed and creative


Profile:  Cinnamon and sweet

Effects: AK-47 will leave you relaxed and mellow.

Girl Scout Cookies

Profile : sweet and earthy

Effects: Euphoria

Gorilla Glue

Profile: pungent, earthy

Effects: heavy, euphoric couch lock

C cell batteries

CCELL is purpose made specifically for powering cannabis vape pen cartridges. Unlike other batteries in the industry that are basically re-purposed e-cigarette technology, CCELL batteries were designed from the ground up to be more powerful and longer lasting that other vape pen batteries.

C cell cartridges

You’ve probably noticed that your cartridges  are not filled to the brim. This is on purpose.

Some of the oil has been absorbed into the heating element which also means no priming time is necessary . . Manufacturers have taken filling challenges  into account so that the full potential capacity of the 1gm cartridge is actually 1,25gm.

Analysis Reports

Certificate of Analysis

Potency Method: Quantitative Analysis of 9 cannabinoids using High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Available on request

NAFS Purity & Quality Report

This report done shows our distillate is of the highest quality passing for not having any additives

PDF Available Below

Delivery Information

Orders will be dispatched only once payment is received AND has reflected in our bank account.

Delivery to anywhere in South Africa carries a flat rate of R150 and can be expected by  the next day , when ordered and paid by 1pm between Mon and Thursday. ed: slightly longer (2-3 day) delivery to certain areas like KZN and outlaying areas

Friday by 1pm order will be delivered Monday

Friday after 1pm and weekend orders will be delivered Tuesdauy

Same day delivery is for cape town CBD and southern suburbs only and carries a rate of R250

Whatsapp 079 035 8849

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