What is the difference between Delta 8 & Delta 9

Choose Delta 8 if you:

  • Need pain relief
  • Relief from nausea during chemotherapy
  • Reduced sedative effect
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Moderate intoxication (smooth buzz)
  • Enhanced stress management
  • Require appetite stimulation

Choose Delta 9 if you :

  • Want a solid and impressive head high
  • Searching for the highest psychotropic potency
  • Crave an evening or entertainment distillate
  • Desire strain specific results, terpenes are reintroduced after distillation
  • Looking for pain and inflammation reduction.

Is the product organic?

The oil is 100% organic , pesticide free and medical grade. The high tech device has a ceramic core , glass and stainless steel outer body  which is slim, durable, sexy and ergonomically designed.

What are the flavour profiles?

These are strains, not flavours.

see here for Terpene Infographic

Once the oil  is condensed , the strain becomes indifferent and taste is your personal preference.

Please inquire via whatsapp (message button at the bottom of the page) which  strains are available when ordering online.

Alien Blue- blueberry , sweet more..

Clementine – citrus more..

Skywalker – pine, earthy , lemon

Laughing gas – earthy , flowery , lemon more..

Sour Pez – sweet , sour , candy more..

Can you describe the extraction process?


A concentrated cannabis oil is created by extracting cannaboids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. The method used is Supercritical Co2 Extraction. No heating or chemicals are used , this keeping the fragile terpenes intact. It is the most environmentally friendly process. The Co2 also kills microbial bacteria.


Short path distillation creates a clean, clearish  concentrate which become golden in colour once the terpenes are re-introduced .

Can the cartridges be refilled?

The value of the product lies in the 94%THC distillate and its unique extraction process.

update : the new ceramic tipped cartridges can be refilled, prefilled syringes are sold in 1gm units for a reduced cost. the syringe needs to be heated slightly-no more than 45 degrees celcius and poured into the cartridge

Is delivery discreet?

The packages are brought by courier in an unmarked packaging. The product is sealed and has no distinct smell.

why vape when i can smoke?

Vaping is the cleanest , non-toxic way to inhale the oil.

Here are a few reasons to Vape instead of smoking.

And if you would like more benefits , you can look here.

The mist is a light ,  fresh botanical aroma which is not detectable when smoking publicly.

You will not find a similar product , vape or raw plant , which offers such a clean and heady high without clouding your mind and body.

How long does the battery charge last?

The battery is factory charged. You should finish an entire cartridge before needing to charge the pen , using the USB charger supplied.

You will notice the pen has no button, just draw on the mouthpiece.

Be warned, a deep draw will leave even the most hardened smoker coughing. Small , gentle pulls are sufficient.

Is it sativa or indica?

The product smokes like a Sativa. Meaning daytime smoking, no tiredness.

It produces an invigorating head high with feelings of ease and well being.

How much oil is in a cartridge for Vape Pen?

0.5gm or 1gm

1gm syringes available to refill

How many puffs will i get out of one cartridge?

The recommended puff size will get you at least 200 puffs per cartridge. If you drag it hard you will get much less.

Can i use my own pen vaporizer?

If you have a pen that delivers a 3.5w output with a 510 thread.

I have more questions, who do i ask?

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