Oil Balanced 1:1 Oral Drops

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Oral drops 

An incredible synergy of cannabinoids, rich in a range of CBDs and other

cannabinoids. This blend is a combination of our full spectrum extract

and imported high CBD extract. The result is a powerful and highly

effective medicine with a huge range of uses and benefits.

This blend can be taken during the day, without the sedative and strong psychoactive effects of our standard blend. Popular for chronic pain relief and aches, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, cancer and many more ailments. It has a mild relaxation effect too, so is great for stress relief.

Can be taken in high dosages if needed (such as for cancer and other auto-immune dis-eases). Dosage is highly dependent on what you’re using it for, generally it’s taken 2-3 times a day, taking 2-6 drops at a time. Can be taken more frequently (4+ times a day) and at higher dosages (up to around 10 drops at a time) if needed. Can have mild psychoactive effects at higher dosages. Please consult us before taking high dosages.

Contains a ratio of 1:1 CBD:Δ9

Our 10ml bottle contains 200 drops.
200mg total cannabinoids. (~100mg Δ9, ~100mg CBD)
~1mg of cannabinoids per drop.
Using ~6 drops a day, this bottle will last around a month.

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