50 ml Delta 9 Distillate Per ml

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Price is per ml

50ml minimum quantity

Delta 9 95% thc distillate

(50 ml @R380 per ml = R19000 )

Delta-9 THC Distillate, exceptional quality and value. If you’re looking to buy bulk distillate online, look no further! Our distillate is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art extraction techniques to ensure the highest purity and potency.

Our Bulk Delta-9 THC Distillate boasts an impressive cannabinoid profile, with a high concentration of Delta-9 THC. This potent compound is known for its euphoric effects, making it ideal for recreational users seeking a memorable and enjoyable

Whether you’re looking to create your own cannabis-infused products or seeking a powerful concentrate to enhance your vaping experience, our Bulk D9 THC Distillate is the perfect choice.

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